Tentative Class Schedule

Week Date Topic Lecture Slides Video Software exercise Hardware exercise Notes
1 Sept 4 Introduction
  • Introduction Autonomous Vehicles [icloud]
  • Introduction to Duckietown [icloud]
  • Introduction to the AI Driving Olympics [icloud]
  • Montreal Class Logistics [icloud]
2 Sept 9 Tools duckietown baseline
2 Sept 12 Tools build boot calibrate, run and log!
3 Sept 16 Representations for Robots Kinematics and Odometry
3 Sept 18 Robot Modeling
  • Modeling of a differential drive vehicle [icloud]
Last week's extended to this week
4 Sept 23 Control Duckiebot control
4 Sept 25 Control Control Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicles [icloud] Pure Pursuit on the Duckiebot (Due Wed. Oct 16)
5 Sept. 30 Motion Planning Introduction to Motion planning [icloud] Duckiebot motion planning (Due Wed. Oct 9)
5 Oct. 2 Project Intro Project Ideas
6 Oct. 7 Reinforcement Learning MDPs, Reinforcement Learning, and DeepRL for Autonomous Vehicles [icloud] AI-DO RL Baseline (Due Fri. Oct 18)
6 Oct. 9 Reinforcement Learning Simulation and Sim2Real Transfer for Autonomous Vehicles [icloud] Bonus: Run your RL agent on the Duckiebot
7 Oct. 14 Thanksgiving holiday (no class)
7 Oct. 16 Imitation Learning Online Interactive Imitation Learning [icloud] Imitation learning exercise (up to 4% bonus) submission link Project proposal consultations
8 Oct. 21 Reading Week
8 Oct. 23 Reading Week
9 Oct. 28 Computer Vision Class cancelled
9 Oct. 30 Computer Vision Computer Vision Fundamentals [icloud] CV exercise (Due Nov. 6) Project Proposal Due
10 Nov. 4 State Estimation
10 Nov. 6 State Estimation Kalman Filter State estimation exercise (Due Nov. 13) Guest lecture from Prof. James Forbes
11 Nov. 11 Computer Vision
11 Nov. 13 Deep Learning for Perception Deep Learning for perception [icloud] Optional: nuScenes Tracking Challenge (worth a bonus of up to 4% for submitting) submission link
12 Nov. 18 Mapping and SLAM Introduction to SLAM [icloud]
12 Nov. 20 Uncertainty Uncertainty in Robotics [icloud]
13 Nov. 25 Work on projects
13 Nov. 27 Class Project Presentations 5-10 mins presentation and 5-10 mins for questions/feedback for each group
14 Dec. 2 Class Project Presentations 5-10 mins presentation and 5-10 mins for questions/feedback for each group
14 Dec. 4 AI-DO Montreal Run each AI-DO submissions in Duckietown Submission to LF Due
15 Dec. 9 NeurIPS - no class
15 Dec. 13 NeurIPS - no class Project Code (Submission to LFV/LFVI) Due AI-DO in Vancouver
Dec. 31 Last day to submit report and make pull request into docs.

*NB: The total of the grade for all of the exercises (including bonuses) cannot exceed 40% of total grade.